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Sweat. Sculpt. Recover.

Here at HEAT, we’ve developed a transformative wellness experience grounded in three vital pillars: sweat, sculpt, recover. Working together, biohacking treatments help your body detoxify, optimize, and heal at the cellular level – to leave you glowing from the inside-out. 

HEAT Membership Program

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For HEAT’s most loyal guests, we’ve created a special membership program that’s designed to optimize, elevate and transform mind and body. Because wellness doesn't happen overnight, our new memberships lay the foundation for long term health with the support, structure and expert guidance needed to achieve your goals. 

From enthusiasts of our state-of-the-art wellness tech treatments like IR Sauna and Ice Bathing, to fans of our cult hands-on treatments like LPG and the Face WorkOut, we have scaled options that help you maximize the benefits – and the savings. 

Read on to find the membership that’s right for you – and let your journey begin.


The HEAT collection

Our story

HEAT was founded by Sophia Lie in 2018 as Scandinavia´s first full spectrum infrared sauna lounge. Located in the centre of downtown Stockholm, HEAT offers private, full spectrum infrared sauna, compression therapy, LED light therapy and LPG massage.

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