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HEAT by Sophia Lie

The Body Reset Bundle

The Body Reset Bundle

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HEAT Ionic Body Brush + HEAT All-Natural Electrolyte Powder: The Dynamic Duo for Ultimate Home Rejuvenation

Reset, recharge, and renew with the ultimate power couple: the HEAT Ionic Body Brush™ and the HEAT Electrolyte Powder™. This dynamic duo is designed to help you get your HEAT fix from home with a daily detoxifying and rebalancing ritual.

Usage Guide:

Start your day with the revitalizing HEAT Ionic Body Brush™. This three-minute dry brush ritual stimulates lymphatic drainage, exfoliating skin, eliminating toxins, and combating inflammation. Begin with your right leg, move through each limb towards the heart, and embrace the electromagnetic balance by the ion-charged copper bristles. Use before your morning shower or sauna for maximum effect, leaving your skin exfoliated, detoxified, and glowing. Check out our deep dive how-to-brush guide for more details.

Next up is a refreshing glass of HEAT Electrolyte Powder™, a natural hydration solution that is your go-to for super-charged rebalancing and recovery. Crafted with minerals and other all-natural ingredients, this sugar-free hydration supplement replenishes and restores your body naturally. Simply add two scoops into a glass of water (150ml) and sip in the morning after a sweat session or whenever your body needs a revival. Want to know more? Read on about HEAT’s Electrolyte Powder™ here

Integrate the HEAT Ionic Body Brush™ and the HEAT Electrolyte Powder™ into your daily ritual and reset your body, mind, and soul. Experience the HEAT difference in your daily wellness routine today.

Note: Ensure dry use only for the Body Brush. Avoid usage if allergic to copper or tin, or on sensitive, injured, or damaged skin.

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