Nicole Rydén

I have Hypothyroidism, a massive underperformance of my thyroid gland that makes my metabolism literally nonexistent. As a result, I have developed an autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation called Hashimotos. This means that my immune system is not working properly, causing symptoms such as extreme tiredness, "brain fog", losing hair and getting very dry skin. And rheumatism.

For this I take two different type of medications every day and I try to avoid all inflammatory foods such as gluten, coffee, sugar and alcohol. I am also a devout vegetarian since ten years.

My icing on the cake is that I also have quite an acne-prone skin, which is why I have treated my face with an infrared LED lamp for many years. And because of how much the LED light has helped improving my acne, my expectations on the infrared sauna therapy were high.

I commenced on a hardcore program of one 50 minute HEAT session every Tuesday for seven weeks, and the results were nothing but amazing: in addition to the skin shining like a star after each session, all the pain in the joints more or less disappeared! This is quite amazing since I have always had this constant pain in the left side of the body because of my chronic inflammation.

I also became extremely high-spirited and sharp, entering a positive spiral that continued around the clock. I could exercise more, drink more water, get my pulse going and increase my metabolism. My skin has never been more elastic and clean and everyone points out how fresh and lively I look!

Kelly Gale

In NYC I do my infrared sauna sessions every other day. I am thrilled that there is now a place in my home country, Sweden, that offers my favorite wellness experience as well!! Whenever I spend a few days in Stockholm HEAT by Sophia Lie is my first stop when I get off that plane = no jet lag, bloating or water retention after the flying.

I love the way infrared saunas make me feel, it clears my mind and helps with anxiety and stress. When I’m training extra hard I also love infrared saunas to help with muscle soreness and recovery. I also do infrared saunas to help with blood circulation and metabolism. I like to get my heart rate up high and sit in the sauna for 60 mins at a high temperature, after that I have the same feeling that I have after an intense long run or other cardio session.

Other than the actual saunas, what I love about HEAT is the incredibly friendly staff and that it’s so fresh and clean with great products included to use before and after the sauna.

Caroline Winberg

HEAT has become a fundamental part of my beauty routine. Not only is an infrared sauna session a great complement to my workout scheme, it also creates a mindfulness zone that really gets my mind back on track.

Since I fly all over the world for my work, HEAT is the perfect treatment to de-bloat my face and body, and get me back in shape after long trips through various time zones. The curative light frequencies also help readjusting my internal body clock and alleviate any sleeping problems.

Add a crazy glowing skin to that and you have my reasons to turn up the HEAT at least twice a week when I’m in town. Simply, this is the best investment in myself!

Simon Sköld

As a fighter, the HEAT infrared sauna therapy is an amazing way to help my body recover when I’m in extensive periods of tough training. The infrared light is both soothing and relaxing and the induced cardiovascular activity actually helps me maintain my match weight. During off-season, HEAT helps me to heal and reduce inflammation in my body.

The sessions also contribute to better sleep as well as helping me maintain my flexibility and range of motion in preparation for my next big fight.

Also, the ability to bring my phone into the sauna is a time saver as I can actually get up-to-speed with work, or just listen to my favorite podcasts.

Maria Ahlgren

Heat and light are the new golden standards in skincare. Serums and creams are all great, but heat and light are really next-level in terms of both treatment and prevention. I love the effects the infrared sauna has on my skin – the firmness, the long-term collagen boost, the repairing effect and the instant glow. The post-detox glow is insane!

Another thing I notice are the drastic effects on puffiness. Stress, travelling and PMS makes me really bloated – like chipmunk bloated – but after a full session HEAT I can slip into my jeans again.

The effect on the mind is striking. After a session, my head is calm and clear. I go in with a messy, overwhelmed brain, and exit 45 minutes later with a refreshed mind and new energy. Many parts of my new book were born in the heat. When body and mind are balanced and relaxed, magic happens.

HEAT is truly my happy place. It's a gem! It's the ultimate quick-fix, urban retreat to re-boot body and mind.

Astrid Sylwan

After years of struggling with diffuse ailments with no obvious cause, I came in contact with Graeme Jones at the Nordic Clinic in Stockholm. This clinic is specialized on preventive medicine and after numerous tests, it turned out that my body was heavily affected by toxins and chemicals.

I’m an artist and have been painting full time for thirty years, so this had all come through my work.We tried everything from dietary supplements to periodic fasting and air purifiers in the studio and things actually slowly started to improve, but after a while, the improvements leveled out.

Then, about a year ago, Graeme suggested I’d try infrared sauna therapy. The infrared light helps to detoxify the body from toxins such as cadmium, lead and aluminum bound in the fat tissue. It also helps the body to decrease cortisole levels and increase levels of noradrenaline which strengthens your body’s stress response and stress resistance.

I got myself a multi session pass at HEAT by Sophia Lie and started to do 50 minutes of infrared sauna therapy a week. The first weeks were rough with headaches and faintness, but pretty soon the experience changed drastically. The first change was mental - I started feeling calmer, my concentration increased and I slept well throughout the week. Today, the sauna sessions have become a pure pleasure that I really keep looking forward to!

My best sauna tip is to drink plenty of water and to add electrolytes (coconut water is great) and salt.