LPG is a mechanical tissue and lymphatic drainage massage used to sculpt both face and body naturally. In the hands of our therapists, LPG machines employ a combination of vacuum suction and rollers to soften tissue, causing the release of excess fluids and toxins. Once released, these are naturally expelled from the body through the lymphatic system.

LPG treatment is the ideal complement to your next infrared sauna session. Maximize your results by eliminating water retention, kickstarting circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and boosting your skin’s glow. It’s also highly relaxing–which is why so many of our clients fall asleep mid-session!

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One-Time 3 Session 60 min LPG - 3 495 sek

30 min LPG

Single Session - 595 sek

45 min LPG

Single Session - 1 095

5 Sessions - à 999 sek - 4 995 sek

10 Sessions - à 949 sek - 9 495 sek

60 min LPG

Single Session  - 1 295 sek

5 Sessions - à 1199 sek - 5 995 sek

10 Sessions - à 1149 sek - 11 495 sek

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