Ice Bath Studio

from 395 kr

Our newest signature treatment, HEAT Ice Bath is the height of wellness innovation. This powerfully transformative experience begins with 10 minutes of guided breathwork, preparing mind and body for intensive cold exposure. After, a staff member leads you through complete submersion in an individual tub filled with 1°C water, for up to 6 minutes. 

Celebrated for its health benefits, which include reducing muscle inflammation, stimulating circulation, boosting immunity, accelerating healing, and improving sleep, HEAT Ice Bathing also unlocks extraordinary mental gains. At once challenging and calming, the experience cultivates resilience and boosts confidence. Instantly and for 24hrs following each session, the mood is uplifted and energized, with a restorative sense of rejuvenation and focus.

Duration 30 min (incl 5 min consultation)

Immune system
Stress relief