Our story

Hi, We’re HEAT — Stockholm’s first recovery lounge. 

We’re on a mission to put self-care within reach, by making wellness for real life. That means natural recovery solutions for every sort of stressor, from red-eye flights and early-morning meetings to long-distance runs and last-round cocktails. 

The Beauty of Bio-Hacking 

Our approach unites holistic practices with cutting-edge technology, to supercharge your body’s natural recovery processes. We call this, ‘bio-hacking.’ Immediately and over time, our cult studio treatments and best-in-class wellness tools work to boost your energy, lift your mood, accelerate healing and unlock a healthy glow. So you leave feeling lit from within. 

Meet Our Founder 

In 2018, I started HEAT to solve a problem: big-time burnout. After over a decade of working as a model around the world, I struggled with full-body fatigue. I did every cleanse on the market, but I couldn’t keep it up. I needed a recovery solution that fit in with my everyday life. 

So, I took on the challenge myself. In the years since, I’ve worked around-the-clock to source and develop high-efficacy, high-efficiency wellness solutions for your busiest days, your latest nights, and everything in-between. So you can get glowing and keep it going. 


Sophia Lie


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