I always leave HEAT feeling relaxed, energized and recharged

I always leave HEAT feeling relaxed, energized and recharged

HEAT Treatment Testimonial What is your favorite HEAT treatment?

HEAT's Face Workout! If you’re looking for a treatment that can provide tension relief and sculpt your face, this is the one. I have been a regular at HEAT and I can confidently say that the experience has been nothing short of exceptional.

What problem were you trying to solve with The HEAT Face Workout?

Before discovering HEAT, I used to suffer from constant pain and tension in my face. 

How has HEAT helped solve that problem?

Ever since I started HEAT’s face workout, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall wellbeing. I have had less tension in my face, headache relief, and my face feels so hydrated.

What about our HEAT Face Workout surprised you the most?

The immediate effect of the HEAT Face Workout treatment on my wellbeing was the most surprising thing for me.

What's the main reason you recommend HEAT?

What I love most about HEAT is that the experience never disappoints me. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and the whole experience always leaves me feeling relaxed, energized and recharged.

What would you tell someone who's never tried HEAT and what’s one word you could use to describe your experience with HEAT?

I highly recommend HEAT to anyone looking for the ultimate self-care experience. It's a guilty pleasure that is worth every penny. And if I had to use one word to describe my experience with HEAT, it would be "recovery" or "recharged" because that's exactly how I always leave feeling.


- Filippa Kalborg, Cheif Marketing Officer at Mode Cold Brew 

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