''THE'' Combo

''THE'' Combo

LPG & Infrared Sauna

I absolutely love the infrared saunas and LPG treatments at HEAT. I have found that LPG and taking care of my lymphatic system is key for my health, especially to support my immune system. I used to catch colds all the time prior to LPG and have now seen incredible results –I haven’t been sick in months (knock on wood)!

The infrared sauna is incredible since it really warms up the body from the inside and out, and I think you maintain that pleasant temperature and feeling for the rest of the day. It is relaxing and I really notice a difference on both body and mind. It’s great for sore muscles and I notice my skin gets better. Also, I love to listen to a guided meditation or some relaxing music while in the sauna, which really helps my mind to calm down. I feel so refreshed after a session – as if my mind took a long, rejuvenating shower.

Taking care of ourselves and our health is about so much more than just working out and eating well. Treatments and moments like these are essential as well and I would recommend anyone interested in optimizing their well-being to book a treatment at HEAT as soon as possible – you won’t regret it! Investing in ourselves is the best thing we can do, and you will notice a huge difference, both when it comes to your physical and mental health.

I would describe both the LPG and infrared sauna treatments as “a rejuvenating recharge and reset”. It’s like you press a button when the treatment starts, and you feel like a brand new person starting fresh again, but with even more peace and energy than before. Magical! I am so thankful for HEAT and hope more and more people will be able to discover and enjoy these magical treatments.

- Matilde Wergeland, Writer, Holistic Health- and Hypnotist Coach, Reiki Master, Yoga- and Pilates Instructor
Founder of HEALTH BY M and The Retreat

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