Compression Therapy

from 395 kr

Promote circulation and combat fluid retention with HEAT’s Compression Therapy. Using advanced compressed air technology, our compression pants apply gentle pressure to your limbs, softening hardened veins and enhancing blood flow towards the heart. As a natural process of lymphatic drainage, excess fluid is then liberated. With the added benefits of body detoxification and sculpting, compression therapy also helps prevent cellulite and varicose veins.

Athletes swear by compression therapy for its ability to accelerate recovery and optimize performance. But, it’s not just for athletes! After long hours sitting behind a desk or on a plane, HEAT Compression Therapy is the ideal solution for swollen or tender legs and feet.

Don't let soreness, bloating, or heaviness in your legs hold you back. Compression Therapy is your quick fix for instant relief. After just one session at HEAT, you'll leave feeling light on your feet.

Duration 30 min (incl 5 min consultation)

Lymphatic drainage
Pain relief