Why supermodel Caroline Winberg is obsessed with LPG massage

Why supermodel Caroline Winberg is obsessed with LPG massage

When asked about the negative side effects of LPG massage, our newest LPG-therapist Ebba answered “that you get obsessed with it” - and our frequently returning customers seem to agree. One of our regular visitors is the amazingly kind and beautiful Caroline Winberg, a Swedish supermodel who has become a big fan of LPG massage. We asked her how LPG massage became a part of her weekly wellness routine, and why she is obsessed with it.  

Long plane flights, a hectic schedule and many hours in front of the camera is the everyday life of a supermodel. It’s a profession and lifestyle that requires a healthy body (and mind) inside and out. While traveling a lot Caroline struggled with the bloated feeling after a long flight but a few years ago she was introduced to the solution by no other than our very own HEAT founder, LPG lover and fellow model Sophia Lie. 

– Sophia introduced me to LPG a few years ago. Before covid I used to travel a lot and most of the time going from a long plane straight to set for a photo shoot, and LPG helped me take away that bloated feeling you get from flying and getting rid of extra fluid retention, 
she says. 

Even though Covid has resulted in less traveling and fewer long flights, Caroline still includes LPG massage in her regular health and wellness routine as she tries to do LPG massage once a week when she is in Stockholm. 

– It’s a very relaxing treatment and the next day you wake up with a flat stomach. My Monday routine starts off with playing padel for 2 hours - then heading into town for an infrared sauna session followed by LPG massage. It’s the best way to start the week and get rid of the toxins from the weekend, Caroline continues. 

Our superstar LPG-therapist Ebba agrees as she adds:

– LPG massage is an all natural and very gentle way to sculpt the body and help your body back to its natural state of balance. Stress, diet, poor sleeping habits etc all affect our bodies own flow and results in fluid retention. LPG massage helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins and fluid retention for a healthier body - and mind. When you feel good in your body, you are way more likely to feel good in your mind too and when you do LPG massage you really feel the difference.

Another thing both Caroline and Ebba agree on is this: they would recommend LPG massage to everyone wanting to take care of their body. 

– We all hold fluid - some more than others. LPG massage really helps get your blood circulation started too!, Caroline says. 

So if you're looking for an all natural yet super effective way to sculpt your body, increase blood circulation and reduce fluid retention to get rid of toxins and cellulite and at the same time boost both your physical and mental health, then LPG massage is your thing. 

As a cherry on top we just launched a new treatment last week called Compression therapy. The compression boots will put a pressure on your legs to promote healthy blood circulation and get rid of excess fluid. You know that heavy feeling in your legs after a long day? 30 minutes with the Compression therapy boots and your legs will feel as light as feathers walking on clouds... Well, not far from it anyway. This treatment is ideal to combine with an LPG facial massage for a full body sculpt. Be sure to try it out!

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