LED Facials use the application of LED light energy to unlock both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits for the skin. Originally developed by NASA, LED therapy is renowned for its naturally healing and anti-aging properties. It’s been clinically proven to accelerate tissue repair, relieve pain, fight acne, and combat the signs of aging.

So, how exactly does it work? To give you the short answer: red and near-infrared wavelengths activate cellular turnover within the skin’s top layers, leading to increased production of collagen, connective tissue and new blood cells, along with elevated micro-circulation and decreased inflammation.

It sounds high-tech, because it is. But don’t forget the best part: it’s all-natural. Which means no needles, prescriptions or surgical procedures. Just pure, 100% safe, therapeutic light. Benefits Anti-aging Inflammation Acne.


Single Session LED Light Therapy 15 min (In combination with LPG) - 95 sek

Signature Compression Therapy

+ LED Light Facials 15 min - 245 sek