Cryotherapy Palma

from 195 kr

Cryotherapy is a technique that uses a combination of cold air and LED light to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation. During this quick, targeted treatment, a mist of chilled air is applied directly to the skin, causing the blood vessels to alternately contract and dilate. This process rapidly oxygenates the blood and delivers restorative enzymes and nutrients to the skin, while killing unwanted bacteria, fungi, or viral infections. Used over time, it also stimulates cellular rejuvenation and collagen production, leading to firmer, more even, and more supple skin. In the short term, you’ll leave energized and with a one-of-a-kind glow.

At HEAT, we’re best known for our Cryo-Facials, but also provide targeted applications to precisely treat different areas of the skin. Please contact us to learn more about our Cryotherapy offering.