Infrared Sauna Palma

from 425 kr

Full-spectrum infrared sauna, infrared therapy is core to HEAT’s service offering. Unlike standard infrared saunas, our saunas combine near-, mid- and far-infrared wavelengths to penetrate the skin and raise the core body temperature from within. This elevates the body’s temperature and produces a deeply detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, even while the air around you remains cooler and more comfortable.

Our clients love infrared saunas for its wide-ranging health, mental and beauty benefits. Complementing the body’s natural processes, infrared therapy helps the body eliminate toxins, reduce water retention, lift metabolism, increase circulation and relieve pain. It’s also known to support the immune system, improve sleep patterns, and promote collagen production. Most importantly, infrared sauna generates a unique boost that relaxes, recharges and re-energizes both mind and body.

Immune system
Pain relief
Stress relief