How Infrared sauna can help you reduce stress

How Infrared sauna can help you reduce stress

Infrared sauna therapy has so many health benefits it is hard to know where to start - but how about starting with one of the major health issues right now that pretty much everyone is experiencing? Stress, and how to reduce it. 

Oh yes, we’ve all been there. That overwhelming feeling of having too much to do and too little time. That feeling of barely keeping your head above the surface, not sure when you last took a proper deep breath. That feeling of constantly doing something and still never doing enough. Do you need a break from that feeling? A break from all that stress? We got you. 

There’s actually scientific evidence that regular infrared sauna sessions have several health benefits, like stress relief. Amongst other things it helps you enter a meditative state where you can calm your mind and become more present, adding psychological benefits to the existing list of physiological ones. 

A very common symptom of too much stress is tension headaches. Not only will a sauna session help you drop your shoulders down from your ears and allow you to breathe deeper, the infrared heat itself will help your muscles relax and relieve your headache. Honestly, professional athletes and people with chronic muscle pain have used it for decades so it’s quite safe to say it will do the trick. Just remember to hydrate before, during and after your sauna therapy session! 

The fact that the soothing infrared heat makes your muscles relax can also help restore sleeping patterns as well as improve your overall sleep which is a huge bonus that will help your body recover and reduce stress. 

Basically, 30 minutes “locked up” (don’t worry - the door is not locked unless you want to, you are of course welcome to leave at any time) alone in the infrared sauna without your phone will give you a nice detox session, a calmer body and a clearer mind. And some well needed alone time. Come on in and sweat all that stress away.

Does this sound like something you might need? Yeah, we thought so. Try this: 

  1. Book a 30 och 50 min infrared sauna session at (if it’s your first time 30 min in the sauna is enough). Don’t forget to hydrate!
  2. When entering the infrared sauna, leave everything that’s going on in your life outside the room. No stress allowed in here.
  3. Choose the blue light aka The Calm Booster - it will help you relax, calm your nervous system and reduce stress.
  4. Put on some soothing music or why not try a guided meditation? You can easily connect your phone to the sauna speakers and play whatever you’re in the mood for. 
  5. Leave your phone outside the sauna.
  6. Lean back, close your eyes and breathe. 

We guarantee you will come out of the sauna feeling less stressed, more energized and ready to take on the rest of your day. 

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