“A vital part in my maintenance routine'' - David Alledal

“A vital part in my maintenance routine'' - David Alledal

Since a young age, I’ve had a fascination for everything that adds to my wellbeing. I don’t have any chronic diseases, luckily. I’ve just had this profound desire to fight mediocrity, in every aspect of my life. I wouldn’t say I’m a connoisseur, but I have tried most treatments on the market. After trying IR-Sauna for the first time I would consider myself a fan.

I exercise a couple of hours each day and with that comes injuries and average soreness. Not only does IR speed up healing, but I do believe that it prevents new injuries to emerge. It’s now a vital part in my maintenance routine.

How has HEAT helped solve that problem? What was it like before you discovered HEAT?

I felt fine before HEAT, HEAT just made me feel a little bit better. Paying more attention to recovery has made it possible to absorb more training and HEAT is now one of those important puzzle pieces that I don’t want to live without.

How has your experience at HEAT changed over time?

The instant effect I got on my first session keeps on returning, in some ways even more intensified.

What about our treatments surprised you the most?

I’ve always had good skin, but now. The glow is insane.

What would you tell someone who’s never tried HEAT?

I’m not here to convince anyone to try it, if your path ever crosses HEAT the result will speak for itself. But don’t think of this as a sauna experience, it has almost nothing in common. Think of this as IR-treatment instead of IR-Sauna, then you prepare yourself for another experience.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with HEAT, what would it be and why?


- David Alledal, Creative Lead POC & Creative Director BALINGSTA

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