Hit reset with the ultimate travel recovery. Boost your energy and flush water retention with a 60 minute Infrared Sauna session. Then, put your feet up for a 15 minute Compression Therapy session to eliminate soreness and heaviness in the legs. Finish it off with a refreshing Coconut Mocktail created exclusively for HEAT.

Price: 750 sek 


Happy hour just got hotter. Wind down after work with a knockout combo: 60 minutes in our Infrared Suana and a glass of Champagne. Just what you need to get glowing and ready for the night. Hot tip: this one’s even better with a friend.

Price: 650 sek


When you’ve had an extra-late night, it’s time to call in the pros. Sweat it out with a full 60 minute Infrared Sauna session, and then double up with quick Cryo-Facial. Trust us, this one will have you detoxed and de-puffed in record time. And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite cure–the Bloody Mary. Because a little Vitamin C is just what the doctor ordered.

Price: 795 sek