HEAT Body Sculpting Massage

from 1 695 kr

Tone and tighten your body with HEAT’s Body Sculpting Massage. This hands-on experience combines massage techniques, lymphatic drainage and detoxification benefits to instantly create a more sculpted, slimmer figure. 

Say goodbye to tension and hello to bliss. HEAT Body Sculpting not only shapes, but also soothes tight muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and restored. Boosting circulation to firm up your skin, HEAT’S Body Sculpting massage helps to flush out toxins and excess fluids from your body and helps break down cellulite for long-lasting results.

Contouring the body naturally, this lymphatic drainage massage detoxifies and de-puffs for an instant refresh, inside and out. Experience HEAT Body Sculpting - your quick fix for an instant body boost. 

Lymphatic drainage